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What Good is Vinegar for Us

2021-12-23 Page view : 29 views

Vinegar is a traditional condiment in major Chinese cuisines. It is a fermented sour liquid condiment, mostly made from glutinous rice, sorghum, rice, corn, wheat, sugar and alcohol.

Vinegar can invigorate blood and appetite, digest food, promote digestion; in addition, it can prevent high blood pressure, lower blood sugar, soften blood vessels, and has detoxification effects. We say that vinegar is actually a seasoning for our food, but in fact vinegar also has a certain degree of blood circulation and appetite, it can also eliminate food and accumulate, and it also has detoxification effects, so it is very beneficial to our human health.

The vinegar of Chitsuruya is very well-known in Nantong, Jiangsu. There are kinds of vinegar in Chitsuruya, and our vinegar is naturally brewed. Its acidity and sweet are naturally brewed from the rice. No preservatives added. We have the rice vinegar, Sushi vinegar, black vinegar and brown rice vinegar etc. Our vinegar is very popular overseas, and received good reviews. If you want realize more about our products,please enter our website. We will answer your questions at any time.

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